Sandro Stucki

Computing approximations for graph transformation systems

Vincent Danos, Tobias Heindel, Ricardo Honorato-Zimmer, and Sandro Stucki. In 2nd International Workshop on Meta Models for Process Languages (MeMo '15), pp. 33–43, Grenoble, June 5, 2015, part of DisCoTec '15.


We describe a tool that can compute a differential equation for the mean occurrence counts of a fixed graph observable in a given stochastic graph transformation system. It is an open problem whether the function that gives the mean occurrence count of the graph motif at a fixed time on the positive real line is approximable to arbitrary precision. However, the tool allows to express common practices to approximate the function using mean-field and refined approximation techniques. In the long term, we plan an extension to stochastic bisimulation checking for graph transformation systems