Sandro Stucki


I'm an applied scientist working in the Amazon Prime Video Automated Reasoning group. Before joining Amazon, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at Chalmers / University of Gothenburg. I did my doctoral studies at the Programming Methods Laboratory (LAMP) at EPFL under the supervision of Professor Martin Odersky.

In my research, I like to explore the many aspects of programming languages. I'm particularly interested in formal methods, type systems and theory, and the semantics and implementation of domain-specific languages.

Until recently, I spent my time applying formal methods and type theory to problems in privacy and security, pondering the type safety of Scala and related type systems, and hacking type soundness proofs and category theory in Agda. I'm interested in the design of domain-specific languages for modeling probabilistic and stochastic systems, especially biochemical systems. I have also written a GNU/Emacs mode for Kappa, a modeling language for systems biology.

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In the past, I taught two courses at Chalmers/Gothenburg university:

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